Container Transportation

At Logicorp, we take pride in our expert handling of container transportation. Whether you are dealing with imports or exports, our dedicated team ensures the smooth movement of containers, optimizing routes for cost-effectiveness and timely deliveries.

Container Road Transport Solutions Tailored
to Your Needs

Welcome to Logicrop, your dedicated partner for efficient and reliable container transportation services via road. As specialists in road freight, we take pride in providing seamless solutions for the movement of containers, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination on time and in optimal condition.

At Logicorp, we maintain a diverse and modern fleet of vehicles for container transport. Our fleet includes a range of container chassis and trucks, allowing us to accommodate various container sizes and types. Our container fleet ensures comprehensive nationwide coverage. Benefit from our strategic partnerships and optimized routes for cost-effective and timely deliveries. We understand the importance of punctuality in logistics. Our commitment to on-time deliveries is unwavering. With efficient route planning and real-time tracking, we keep you informed, providing peace of mind throughout the transportation process.